Celebration of TU Delft 180 year anniversary | Lustrum | Sharing how BK is part of the TU Delft Energy Transition initiative.

The BK Pavilion is a competition that is done in groups!
The groups should preferably be from the same track/master, as you can only submit for one track.

You can register with a complete team or as an individual. In case your team is not complete you can also look for partners, a team forming session will happen on April 6th at 13h30 after the RECOMMENDED information session at 12:45 in Room F, BK.

Registration Deadline April 24 2022

The BK pavilion aims to bring the different tracks/masters to commonly think and showcase around the same topic. The goal is to assemble a pavilion where all the different challenges and visions can be exposed and known to everyone. For the first edition of this new event, the common topic will be the Energy Transition.

As the built environment strives to meet UN sustainability goals, aimed to ensure access to affordable and modern renewable energy and the reduce carbon emissions of everyday life activities. Currently, the built environment contributes 40% of all global embodied carbon, ad there is potential for innovation and growth towards energy transition through construction, materials, and building lifecycle. Each sector, as represented through the BK Master Tracks takes part in this transition.

Our goal in this edition is to first share within BK how each track is part of the energy transition, but also to showcase how BK students will be part of the energy transition to the entire campus and visitors.

Download the interactive Brief below for more information

Having six different sectors represented in our faculty, a 3D blank canvas has been prepared with one plot for each of the track/masters. Each plot has been divided to ensure that no collision will arise during the assembly process, but mainly to guarantee an even and distributed exposure so all the visions and efforts done at BK can be noticed.
As a group, your goal is to represent the challenges and prospects regarding the Energy transition within your field. The methods to display your work is free and open to creativity. The only restrain is to keep within the boundary of your plot.

The jury will be comprised of BK Track representatives from faculty and will be judging based on the following criteria :

  1. The Relevance. The relevance of the project regarding the theme: Energy Transition in the Built Environment,
  2. The Accuracy. The truthfulness of the statement depicted in the project and the formulation of a possible solution,
  3. The Originality. The original manner to provoke one to catch the attention thoughtfully,
  4. The Form. The feasibility of the design, and control over the allocated budget for each team (500 euros).
  5. The Narrative. The ease of storyline to communicate fundamental concepts to the fellow BK and the greater TU Delft Campus.

Deadline 8 May 2022

Two A3 with impression and complete intention of the design The submission should also contain:

  • Short explanation text (300 words)
  • Material list with prices and need for fabrication

Winners to be announced here… on May 10 2022!

Post deliberation of the Jury, 6 groups will have the opportunity to realise their project and assemble it. This constitutes the so-called construction days. May 23 to June 07 2022

Each team has a fund of 500 euros to complete the realization of their design.

We are working on receiving a discount on the machining time on the machine of the model hall. Keep posted on the website for more information!

Download the interactive Brief below for more information

April 6 2022

12:45h | General Information Session

13:30h | Incomplete groups matching Session

Location: Room F at BK


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