Symposium Hybrid Ventilation

Advanced hybrid ventilation leads to higher user satisfaction and a lower energy use, by – depending on time and season – opening windows and decreasing the use of fan and cooling energy. The best results will be achieved at facades intelligently designed in accordance with building physics, making use of daylight and solar heat if it contributes to a better indoor climate.

Style and expression of buildings change, sometimes with reference to inspiration from the past. Inmodern-looking buildings with a lot of glass, as well as solid-looking buildings, it is possible to achieve a good thermal comfort in an almost passive way. However, it is simpler for facades with a balanced amount of glass. The building itself should be the main climate regulator, installations and control technology have a supporting function. A building should not only appear as challenging outside and in, but should also be appreciated by the users.

With this idea in mind Delft University of Technology, together with TVVL, has set up a symposium with experienced architects and scientists from the Netherlands and abroad. Purpose of this symposium is to collaboratively explore how professional practice in future might look like.

Students can register themselves for the symposium separately via the secretary of AE&T, Bo Song (

Date(s) - 24/09/2019
13:00 - 20:00

Lecture Hall A, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft