Looking for an internship?

Are you looking for an internship? BouT can help you!

BouT is always on top of internship positions becoming available! We have close contacts with companies and we are approached quiet often to find a Master student for an internship job.  Do you want some experience in the field before you graduate? Or do you have a free semester or even a quarter to fill in? Even applying for a summer internship is possible! Contact us and we do our best for you!

How does it work?

You can apply for a specific internship because you saw one of our advertisements but you can also apply in general. Send an email to the Commissioner of Education in which you introduce yourself briefly and let us know for which period you are looking for an internship. Let us know where in the curriculum you are at the moment but also where you expect to be when you want to do the internship. Also make sure you send along your contact details in the mail. If you are applying for a specific company, make sure you mention this as well and attach your letter of motivation. It’s not necessary to send us your letter of motivation if you apply in general. Always attach your résumé and make sure all the attachments are in PDF.

BouT makes sure your résumé, letter of motivation and contact details end up at the company that you applied for. If you have applied in general you’ll be notified if we find an internship that suits your requirements. After you confirm, BouT again makes sure your résumé and contact details reach the company. Companies will contact you directly whether or not they want to invite you for an interview. If you’ve updated your resume you can always send us the latest version, we make sure that it will be updated in our database as well.

BouT is not involved in the actual hiring procedure or further decision making and we give everyone an equal chance. This internship service is meant for all the students at the Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment and the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geo Sciences. We only ask to become a member of the Study Association BouT if you request our help.