If your company, organisation or association wants to become part of and use the BouT network, we ask you to become a sponsor. BouT has different levels of sponsorship: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, & Diamond. We work with a sponsorship brochure in which all the BouT services and connecting activities are mentioned and explained. The sponsorship level your company ends up in depends on the package of services and activities you combine. Signing up for more options results in a higher sponsorship level, which means more company promotion and more opportunities to advertise in the BouT network.

Please contact BouT if you are interested in becoming a BouT sponsor. We are happy to visit your office to meet in person and explain to you the possibilities and browse through the brochure together. Do you think you have a nice idea to connect students and the work field with each other? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we are happy to think with you. A lot is possible with BouT.

Finally: if you are a non-profit organisation (e.g. a student initiative) and a paid sponsorship just doesn’t fit in the association’s culture, but you think you can be a valuable addition to the BouT network or the other way around, just contact us.