Are you looking for interns? BouT can help you!

BouT is a platform for Students, Alumni, Academic staff, PhD students and companies in the building technology and architecture. BouT is literally located between the Building Technology students. This means we are one of the first to hear it when a student is looking for an internship and we are quiet often approached by students looking for an experience with a promising company.

You can use the BouT network

You or your company can call in the help of BouT to actively promote your internship position within the Faculty of Architecture. We use different media to reach as many students as possible and of course talk to a lot of people. Are you looking for support for a specific project? Or is it your company’s policy to have a certain number of interns employed? Maybe you see internships as a stepping stone to actual employment? It is even possible to ask for holiday support. Out network and advertising not only covers the department of BT but extends to Architecture and Urbanism students as well! It goes without saying that it is also possible to promote temporary or permanent job positions through BouT.

How does it work?

To ensure the continuity of the BouT study association and to increase our opportunities, it was decided to integrate our internship promotions into the BouT sponsor brochure. This means that we charge companies if they want to use the BouT network for finding Master student interns. Students pay for this service by becoming a paid member of BouT, companies can become a sponsor. The money is used to organize guest lectures, excursions, international study trips, career days or for other ways to connect students with the Building Technology industry. 

For more information about the BouT sponsorship brochure please go here. Contact the Commissioner of Education if you or your company wants to become a part of the BouT network and promote internship positions. In consultation with BouT a lot is possible.