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RuMoer is the official periodical of Praktijkvereniging (study association) BouT. Each publication focuses on a specific theme within the Building Technology. Articles are gathered from the building industry, but they can also be scientific articles or graduation project from AE+T students.

The magazine is spread among members and relations three times a year, with +150 copies in circulation and digital copies made available to members through online distribution. Single copies are available at the BouT office (5€). If you would like to receive copies at home Join BouT today.


There is also the possibility of advertising in the RuMoer:

  • Company advertisement* – Full colour , cover – 1x: 250€ / 3x: 600€
  • Company advertisement* – Full colour, inside – 1x: 200€ / 3x: 500€
  • Company advertisement* – Black & White, inside – 1x 100€ / 3x: 250€

*Promotions for internships excluded. Please contact the Commissioner of Education if you want BouT to promote your internship positions.

Contributing for the next publication:

Files for publication can be delivered to BouT in .docx or .indd, pictures are preferred in .png or .jpg format. The editors do not take any responsibility for the photos and texts that are displayed in the magazine. Images may not be used in other media without permission of the original owner. The editors reserve the right to shorten or refuse publication without prior notification. Do you have a good idea for the next RuMoer theme? Or do you want to publish an article in the next publication? Please contact the chief-editor of the RuMoer.

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Our latest issues:

One year after printing our periodical becomes available for everyone to read. Below you can find some of the latest RuMoers, published through Issue. On the archive page you can find more RuMoers that have been published in the past years.

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77: Wood

76: Generative Design

75: Urban Grow

74: Black Swan

73: Futurity

72: Kit-of-Parts

71: Integration

70: XXV

69: Digital Making

68: Smart Envelopes

67: Native Resources

66: Adaptation

65: Experimentation

64: Materialization

63: Extreme Forces

62: Sustainability

61. BT International

60. BouT XX

59: Comfort

57: Energy

56: Form Finding