Committees 2020-2021


The committee organizes a company-case day for BouT members from BT and AE about Design and engineering for Building Technology. Would you like to contact the Company Day Committee for more information? Email them or visit the DEBUT website. The committee for last Debut.event was –

  • Shefalika S. P. – Chairman
  • Christina Koukelli – Company Relations
  • Twinkle Nathani – PR and Marketing
  • Abhishek Holla – Acquisition and Finance
  • Maimuna Shehu – Student affairs
  • Shriya Balakrishnan – Internal and Logistics

Public Relations committee

The committee works on keeping public updated with the on-going initiatives of BouT through our social media platforms. 

  • Twinkle Nathani (C)
  • Anurag Sonar

Rumoer committee

The committee works on Rumoer, the periodical from BouT. The magazine is issued 3 times each year. 

  • Aditya Soman (C)
  • Daphne de Bruin
  • Diedrik Jilderda
  • Eren Gozde Anil
  • Fawzi Bata
  • Sarah Hoogenboom
  • Sophie van Hattum
  • Tim Schumann

Study Trip committee

This committee organises study related trips outside the Netherlands particularly our yearly main study trip.

  • Neha Gupta (C)
  • Adriano Valdez Serra
  • Puji Natadjaja

Events committee

The events committee organises events within the faculty and other trips within the Netherlands

  • Yamini Patidar (C)
  • Nadine van Westerop
  • Shriya Balakrishnan

Company Relations committee

Company relations committee works with companies to help foster relations between the industry and BouT

  • Maimuna Shehu (C)
  • Abhishek Holla
  • Christina Koukelli
  • Irum Faisal
  • Marnix van den Assum
  • Maryam Aboueimehrizi
  • Shefalika Padmanabha
  • Trishita Chatterjee

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