Board mutations

After 6 months of hard work and pushing BouT to a new level, our chairman Luuk Graamans changed his function at BouT for an internship in Vietnam. We thank him for all his work and wish him the best for the future.

This means that there had to be some changes within the board of BouT. Following Luuk, Dwayne van Halewijn now fulfils the seat of chairman, while keeping the educational affairs as well. Joost van de Ven (Secretary) and Freek van Zeist (Treasurer&Media) remain at their position.

BouT also welcomes two new members of the board. Tyrza Ligthart will act as Commissioner Events while Muhammed Ulusoy takes care of Publications (Rumoer). They will introduce themselves.

Tyrza Ligthart

web_tyrza As commissioner of Events I am concerned with the organization of excursions, trips and other events within the BouT organisation. My name is Tyrza Ligthart. I am 22 years old and I started my bachelor of Architecture in 2009. During the bachelor I found out that to me the facade is the most interesting part of a building. Mostly because of the combination of architecture and technology. Therefore I have chosen to do the Building Technology Master.The BouT organisation enables students to get to know most recent techniques and develop contacts in the building industry, through a excursions and other interesting events. To me, this is the reason to join the BouT association and help organize these kind of events.When you have a great idea for an event or have any questions about one, contact me!

Muhammed Ulusoy

web_muhammed As commissioner of Media I am concerned with publishing Rumoer magazine for BouT. My name is Muhammed Ulusoy, I am 24 years old and started studying at the faculty ofArchitecture in 2008. To broaden my perspective and to be an active part in the field of architecture and technology I joined BouT as commissioner Publications.For a better magazine we formed a commission with Koen Fischer and Reinier Scholten. Together we will focus on launching three issues per year on architecturally relevant technological subjects.

As you all know Rumoer is the periodical for the building technologist, and it is our duty as Rumoer commission to keep the tradition alive and fill up all whom love Building Technology with up to date knowledge on technological innovations. This way BouT members can follow the developments in the field of architecture and technology to enrich their knowledge on varying subjects.

With this issue on Form Finding architecture (56), an exiting journey to discovering the fast developing technologically driven world will continue. Hereby with each issue, Rumoer offers its readers the opportunity to keep track of a varying set of technological subjects.

For any suggestions or questions concerning publications, please feel free to address me or the commission members!

After a successful period of re-arranging memberships, finding new sponsors, setting up an ‘Advisory Board’, building a new website, bringing newsletters, publishing Rumoer, growing numbers of members, excursions, drinks, provided internships, professional networking and renewing the whole image of BouT – we will continue to seek opportunities to benefit from the fresh new start BouT has made in the past 6 months.

We are enthusiastic to continue the work we have done by providing new excursions and lectures this year. We will keep seeking contact with professionals to arrange internships and workshops as extracurricular events of which our members can benefit. With a new commission, Rumoer will be reinvented and published more often. Finally we state a long-term view, supported by documentation to ensure a healthy endurance of BouT after the current board .

We are still in 02.West.090, so come by if you have anything to ask. We can help you with almost everything. Join the innovators!