BouT meets with Fokkema & Partners – Architextiles

BouT is continuously working to improve the quality of education. One of our focal points is integrating practice experience in the form of extracurricular events for our students. Yesterday BouT had a interesting meeting with Fokkema & Partners, an architecture firm located in Delft. Doctor Buckylab himself, dr.-ing. Marcello Bilow was invited to share his passion and ideas for BuckyLab to give insight in what BuckyLab entails. Ir.drs. Eikelboom and ir. Steeghs of Fokkema & Partners attended the meeting, in order to explain a project called Architextiles.

Architextiles is a design-research in innovative possibilities of textile in interior architecture. The research is subsidised by the SFA (stimuleringsfonds innovatieve industrie), initiated by Fokkema & Partners. Experts from different fields meet to think outside of the box. The continuous interaction between different disciplines results in innovative new ideas.

BuckyLab is currently working on exterior possibilities of textiles for sun shading. A partnership with this firm could form a nice addition to the current education of the master Building Technology. We are currently working on a lecture about this project, which is to be held on the day of the final presentations of BuckyLab – the 28th of June – in the Orange Hall at BKCity. There might even be a chance to look at the physical results of the Architextiles project at the exposition of BuckyLab, which will be opened on the day of the final presentations.

You can already learn more about Architextiles at or visit the final meeting at the Textile Museum in Tilburg at the 4th of April (see website). Follow the BuckyLab blog to keep on track of the BuckyLab projects and more.