Bucky Lab Final Presentation

Another batch of students successfully completed the Bucky Lab for this semester. The whole semester filled with hard work, ideas, learning, and prototyping saw commendable results. Dr. Marcel Bilow explains in the Bucky Lab blog how the day went.

Joined by a team of docents, professors and our guests from Trespa we have seen all the projects in their full glory. The variations of the projects are very big, so we have seen new facade mounting systems, urban furniture, modular building components up to shelters made by reused Trespa sheets but also a software concept that makes planning and reducing the environmental impact lower and last but not least also a concept that allows for an easy replacement only of the first decorative layer on the facade in order to reuse the core that most likely never will fail on the structural performance.

Catch up the full story on – http://buckylab.blogspot.com/

Image Courtesy – Dr. Marcel Bilow