On the first of June 2016, the first edition of the debut-event will take place. In one day, a total of five cases will be guided by five interesting companies in the field of Structural, Climate and Facade design/engineering.

The debut.event is commissioned by the Building Technology students organization BouT at the faculty of Architecture and the Build Environment of the TU Delft. The main goal of BouT is simple: bringing students and industry closer together. Debut has been founded to physically offer the opportunity for students and industry to intensify their contacts. Around 60 students and 5 companies will partake in this event. Together they will intensively work on cases, workshops and lectures in the field of Climate, Structural and Facade design. This event is to be the first in an annually recurring series.

The event will take place on the on the 1st of June 2016 at the faculty of Architecture in Delft. On this Wednesday the event will start at 9:00 and last until 17:00, after which there will be closing drinks in the Bouwpub. The event will take place in the most representative venue of the faculty of Architecture, the Berlagezalen. In these two separable halls, there is room for presentations and cases to take place.

Target Group
The target group for this event are students of the Master tracks Building Technology, Architectural Engineering and Building Engineering.

In the cases, companies will pose a task/problem to be solved during the day. Every company will guide about 12 students, divided into 3 to 4 groups, working on a (conceptual) solution.


Go to the debut website for registration and participate in Building Technology’s first company day!

Date(s) - 01/06/2016
09:00 - 17:00

Bouwkunde TU Delft