Recently, students of M.Sc. 3 of Building Technology successfully completed the EARTHY and SWAT studios. For this quarter, the students were given choice to pursue either of the studios. Both the studios are different and one of its kind.

EARTHY course combines the elements of earth architecture with computational design strategies where students are challenged to come up with a structurally sound design using Adobe bricks. The course is planned with multidisciplinary workshops to create holistic environment for students of all skill levels. This year the context was setup in Al-Zaatari Refugee Camp located in Jordan. The students accomplished great designs and ware appreciated by the mentors as well.

SWAT is a studio about sustainable urban intervention where students from the TU Delft work together with municipalities, local residents and local entrepreneurs to design a process of urban intervention and innovation in a way that incorporates sustainability through various scales of the neighborhood. SWAT uses a design method that combines: theoretical knowledge, technological merit, environmental effectiveness and above all the impact it has on society. This focus on the societal aspects is what sets SWAT apart for the students. This year the SWAT studio spent two weeks in Amersfoort to put this SWAT approach to use.