International Symposium | Architects against climate change


Rising sea levels, extremes of weather, the birth of deserts, rampant famine and a thousand refugee crises. These are the consequences of a man-made product, over two hundred years in the making, yet just a snapshot in the history of the earth. Climate change is here now, but Its Not Too Late.

BouT will proudly present INTL, a symposium on the architectural responses to climate change, on the 24th February. Nine lecturers from esteemed universities around Europe will explore the topic via urban interventions, flows of energy and materials, innovative solar technologies and the nature of sustainable pursuit.

Prageeth Jayathissa of ETH Zurich will be presenting the application of soft robotics on adaptive photovoltaic facades, whilst Maria Mandalaki of Crete University will discuss the contradictory nature of energy-saving shading devices. Toby Blackman of Nottingham University follows the Cradle2Cradle story of porcelain in three cities in the world, whilst Habert Guillaume follows the characterization of buildings simultaneously as the made and capable of making. Yeonsook Heo of Cambridge University examines the gulf between promise and reality in the business of environmental redemption. Andy Dobbelsteen of TU Delft questions the adaptability of our built creations in a post-climate change world.

Remember: Its Not Too Late.