Park 20|20 Student Job Opportunity

Student opportunity — Healthy & Productive Office Buildings


Job Details

Company: Park 20|20
Timeframe: August, 2014 – Summer, 2017
Field: Architecture / Cradle 2 Cradle


Park 20|20, developed by the Delta Development Group, is the first full service Cradle to Cradleinspired working environment in The Netherlands, striving to create closed cycles for materials, energy, waste and water. By taking a Cradle to Cradle-oriented design approach, every aspect of Park 20|20 is geared to energize and empower occupants. Park 20|20 sets forth its clients as leaders and promoters of sustainability and as employers of choice.

Park 20|20 has asked Arizona State University (ASU) to assess the influence of healthy building design on the productivity of tenants. Being able to link specific elements of a healthy building design to perceptual evidence of productivity and statistically quantify the influence are required predecessors of knowing and estimating productivity results for tenants. This research project involves the documentation of “green or cradle to cradle” design elements through the construction process, conducting employee surveys for a relocating client, pre-relocation and post-relocation, and analysing the results to assess the relationship.


Candidate will be assisting the team at Arizona State University in:

– Researching relevant project background on the chosen Park 20I20 client company including, but not limited to: core business practices, mission, principles, values, stakeholders, size, number of employees at the specific location, team operating structure, performance measurement, outputs generated, projected growth, etc. This research will inform the project as to how the client assesses performance and productivity.

– Participate in the Park 20I20 client facility design, development and construction process to understand and document:

  • Early stakeholder “green or cradle to cradle” design goals from the design brainstorming process.
  • Specific objectives and system decisions by the architectural design team related to “green” design goals.
  • Specific expectations and specifications for engineering functionality based on “green” objectives.
  • Planned construction outcomes based on “green” specifications.
  • Actual building properties as-constructed and as-used, and then
  • Compare and contrast all of these findings from prior documentation steps.
  • These discussions may include design elements such as indoor air quality, lighting, thermal comfort, acoustics, design and layout, and aesthetics and nature. Any established goals for use and perceived satisfaction should also be documented.

– Using this design process information, assist ASU in the development and evolution of the survey questionnaire for employees of the client of Park 20I20 at their current facility.

– Assist in the administration of or directly administer surveys of employees in their current facility when necessary and agreed upon by ASU, Park 20|20 and the client.

– Assist in the administration of or directly administer surveys of employees that do relocate to the new facility at Park 20|20 when necessary and agreed upon by ASU, Park 20|20 and the client.

– As required, assist ASU in data analysis and producing the final report.

– Translation of select documents from English to Dutch and vice versa.

Specific skills

A student from the faculty of architecture who is available as a minimum from August 2014 through Summer 2016 and preferably August 2014 through Summer 2017 with the following qualifications:

  • Intimate knowledge of facility construction processes
  • Microsoft Office
  • Affinity with Sustainability and/or Cradle to Cradle
  • A professional and presentable demeanour
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Fluent in English and Dutch

Apply via Email

If you recognize yourself in this profile and would like to contribute to this research, please send your resume and cover letter outlining your motivation and informing your availability to Professor Peter
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