Poly-Ned excursion Evaluation

On the 23th of April BouT had an excursion to Poly-Ned, an office specialized in textile architecture. A group of 23 students, together with their BuckyLab-professor Marcel Bilow joined the excursion to get a better insight into the field of textile. This was specifically organized to give the students a greater insight in the subject of the Msc1 BuckyLab: Textile Sunshading.

At 8:00 in the morning we left by bus to arrive in Steenwijk (in the north of the Netherlands) at almost 11:00. We were welcomed by Edwin Molenaar and Simon Visser. Together with  Bert Boezelman they are the owners of Poly-Ned. After a cup of coffee we joined various interesting lectures about all the products that are designed, developed, produced and manufactured at their office. From beginning to end, the whole process from the intial concept until mounting takes place under one roof. The designs Poly-Ned has made range from the Barrisol-ceiling in the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam to the exterior of the Westraven building in Utrecht and the MyCoach training facility of Ajax. After a nice lunch we were able to take a look at the production hall and the engineering offices.

David Sultani was one of the participants, currently working on the Msc1, BuckyLab project.

The very informative talks at the beginning of the program were my favourite part of the whole excursion. Going overtime because of our questions, was an indication of high interest levels amongst participants. The talks were very intriguing and I found the leading team of Poly-Ned an innovative and open-minded group. Their eagerness to share their future challenges with us, was a sign of a company secure enough in its prominent position in national and international market to open up to an academic public for improvement and growth. Their warm and welcoming tone left me feeling eager to cooperate with them if the opportunity arises.

The second part of the excursion (the tour inside the company’s design and engineering office and the production hall) gave us an insight into how an idea comes to reality. I really liked Poly-Ned’s investigative approach and their why-not attitude. I was amazed with the fact that they have achieved so much with only 17 staff. There’s some efficiency lessons there to be learned.

This could’ve been an even more appreciated excursion if it wasn’t for the 4.5 hours of the bus ride. I think it would be even more beneficial for both Poly-Ned and students of Architecture Faculty if Bout could arrange the same lectures to be given by Poly-Ned in TU Delft. This way their lectures and ensuing Q&A will be enjoyed by a much bigger crowd.
As David mentioned, it was quite a hard trip to get there and back, but we had a great day which we believe to be a nice addition to the course of Marcel Bilow. We are keeping in touch with Poly-Ned to see if we can organise some more events for our students. We are already happy to expect a written contribution of Poly-Ned in our next Rumoer. We thank the people of Poly-Ned for this wonderful experience!