A new logo is chosen!

After a thorough process of decision making, BouT finally decided on a new logo! The admission of Ignace de Keyser suited our association’s character best, and will from now on officially be used as our logo. Thank you Ignace De Keyser, you will be a lifetime VIP BouT member and shall get your reward soon! We also want to thank all other participants for giving it a go. All admissions can be seen below the winning logo.

From left to right, top to bottom:

Ignace de Keyser
AE (MSc 3)

Hayley Bouza
BT (MSc 1)
Niels Lok
BT (MSc 4)
Vincent van den Aardwegh
Andreas Angelo Thiis
BT (MSc 1)
Amey Thakur
BT (MSc 1)
Vincent Hofte
BT (MSc 4)
Pim Buskermolen
BT (MSc 3)
Marc Nicolaï
BT (Graduated)