BouT Board 26 – Signing Off!

BouT Board 26

The 26th year of BouT has been a rather special one. It was a year of uncertainty; a year that changed the normal status quo of work-life culture and demanded immediate change towards a digital way of life. It is safe to sign off by saying the BouT Board 26 has shown resilience to adapt to this change and transform our ways of working and yet achieve great results. This compilation highlights our achievements and we are proud to pass on the baton to the next board by setting a resilient BouT approach.

BouT Board 26 has truly been a highly motivated team of seven members: Anagha, Twinkle, Sophie, Yamini, Maimuna, Aditya, and Neha who have thrived in each of their roles despite the challenges of working remotely amidst the pandemic.