Symposium at University of Bath

sky-01Probably some of you already know, a workshop and symposium are being planned at the University of Bath (which is one of our partner Universities in the field of façade technology) between Monday the 3rd of June and Saturday the 8th of June. Herewith we would like to invite you all for both events.

The workshop will have a concept/focus à la Bucky Lab in Delft. The idea of the workshop is to create an innovative façade design within the theme of embedded energy (so with the use of sustainable materials optimised for embedded energy and sustainable construction) and to actually built a façade mock-up/model of your proposed design. For this workshop the EFN mobile container will be present with all the necessary tools, etc. The workshop will be done together with students from our partner Universities in Detmold and Bath.

For more information about the EFN mobile see:

At the end of the week, on Friday the 07th of June, the Façade Symposium ‘ Mind the gap’ is being planned. For more info about the program of this conference day see:

The rough planning of the week will be as follows:
– Monday 03-06: building up the tent // working in groups on the model
– Tuesday 04-06: working in groups on the model
– Wednesday 05-06: working in groups on the model
– Thursday 06-06: working in groups on the model // disassembling the tent
– Friday 07-06: facade symposium: mind the gap
– Saturday 08-06: excursion in London

Transport and accommodation will have to be arranged by students themselves. Despite these costs we absolutely recommend and sincerely hope you will join the program. We are confident that this week will be a unique and interesting experience for all of you.

Knowing this, could you please let us know whether you would like to participate?
Send an email to